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Thruway Lines (M) Sdn Bhd provides all aspects of Road and Pavement Markings with Screeded, Thermoplastic materials. We are comitted to high quality professionalism in our work ethics and staff training. We maintain high work standards in line with our OH&S and environmental requirements.

Thruway Lines has been operating since 2001 and since then, we have acquired a proven record in maintaining a high standard of work. We have produced ongoing professional relationships with major highways and developers in Klang Valley.

Thruway Lines employs 32 full-time staff and has 3 Linemarking Vehicles. Our fleet of purpose build vehicles enable us to offer a complete range of road marking services including one pack epoxy paint, all thermoplastic solutions and cold applied markings.

From small private roads to major term maintenance contacts, Thruway Lines have a solution for all of your road marking requirements.



Our highly skilled technicians use the very best in equipment and materials for complete precision. The quick-drying, abrasion resistant qualities of thermoplastic screed or your choice of All Weather Thermoplastic (AWT) makes it perfectly suited for the road. In cases where this is not the best option, we use other quality materials, such as epoxy, chlorinated rubber paint or water-based paints.


High quality car park marking will ensure the layout is organised, clear and safe for both the motorists and pedestrians to use. From remarking an existing car park to designing the layout of a new parking area, we offer quality assured marking tailored to your individual requirements.


Here at Road Marking Services, we provide a wide range of colourful, educational playground markings to encourage children to play, learn and develop. Using the most durable materials, such as thermoplastic, our school playground markings will stand the test of time for a long-lasting finish. We can even lay your school logo for a professional look to welcome visitors.


Anti-skid surfacing, also known as high friction surfacing, can significantly improve safety for both motorists and pedestrians on the road.


Our comprehensive safety marking service helps the commercial, industrial and retail sectors adhere to the relevant health and safety regulations. We can provide expert advice on which safety markings you require and will lay them to the most superior standard.


Standardised ground markings are a requirement in all airports to ensure both air and ground staff are provided with clear directions. Whether the pilot is taxiing to the runway or ground crew are transporting luggage from one terminal to another, our high quality markings will ensure a safe and efficient airport.


Heat applied thermoplastic resists degradation from oil and grease and cracking from freezing and thawing; bonds aggressively to pavement surface.

Heat-applied to dry, clean pavement, creates a chemical bond to the pavement surface. Relatively fast application and drying allows traffic to return quickly. Can be re-applied directly on worn markings. Re-application over newer thermoplastic (2 years or less) usually requires the old markings to be roughened with a grinder to create a bonding surface before reapplication.


Rumble strips are grooves in the roadway or rows of raised pavement markers placed on the roadway in such a manner that, as the tires of a vehicle contact them, they produce sound (noise) and vibration. The noise and vibration produced by rumble strips is intended to alert inattentive drivers that they have departed from their lane, or to give advance notice of a change in the roadway ahead.


  • Reduced run-off-road and head-on crashes.
  • Improved visibility of edge lines or centre lines during wet weather.
  • Potential for reduced maintenance of road shoulder.
  • Advanced warning to hazards.


  • Baton Light
  • Beacon Light
  • Concrete Road Barrier
  • Convex Mirror
  • Delineator Post
  • Delineator String
  • Guardrail
  • Kilometer Post
  • Plastic Hazard Tape
  • Plastic Road Barrier
  • Raised Pavement Marker
  • Rubber Corner Protector
  • Rubber Speed Hump
  • Safety Flag
  • Safety Vest


The management of Thruway Lines are comitted to improving every aspect of health & safety by involving all staff and sub-contractors in reducing or eliminating any risks or hazards in the work place and on site.